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General Science associate of science degree

Matthew A. Lynn, Chairperson
585-475-5923 (V), (585) 286-4751 (VP),

Program overview

The AS degree in general science is designed to prepare deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are close to, but not fully ready for, direct entry into a baccalaureate-level program in the sciences. The degree is a pathway for completing the course work taken during the first two years of a BS degree program in the College of Science or the College of Health Sciences and Technology. This AS degree serves as a bridge program for qualified students based on academic transcripts, admission test scores, and other evidence that support a reasonable expectation of success in the baccalaureate program. By combining preparatory studies in math and English with baccalaureate-level science, math, and liberal arts courses, students can qualify to transfer as juniors into a BS program in biochemistry, biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, or environmental science depending on the course work taken for the AS degree. Students acquire the foundational skills necessary for success in the scientific field of their choice as they also develop skills and knowledge in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and mathematics.


General science, AS degree, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
NCAR-010 Freshman Seminar 0
Choose one of the following course sequences: 8
   CHMG-141    LAS Perspective 6 (scientific principles): General and Analytical Chemistry I  
   CHMG-145    General and Analytical Chemistry I Lab  
   CHMG-142    General and Analytical Chemistry II  
   CHMG-146    General and Analytical Chemistry II Lab  
   BIOL-101    LAS Perspective 6 (scientific principles): General Biology I  
   BIOL-103    General Biology I Lab  
   BIOL-102    General Biology II  
   BIOL-104    General Biology II Lab  
Choose one of the following: 3
   NMTH-220    Trigonometry  
   NMTH-250    Elementary Statistics  
UWRT-150 Writing Seminar 3
NMTH-275 Advanced Mathematics 3
  LAS Elective 3
  First Year LAS Elective 3
  LAS Perspective 1 (ethical) 3
  LAS Perspective 2 (artistic) 3
  Wellness Education* 0
Second Year
  Professional Electives with Labs‡ 16
  Professional Elective‡ 3
  LAS Perspective 3 (global) 3
  LAS Perspective 4 (social) 3
  LAS Elective 3
  LAS Elective† 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 60

* Please see Wellness Education Requirement for more information. Students completing bachelor's degrees are required to complete two Wellness courses.

† Students take Applied Calculus (MATH-161) or Calculus A (MATH-171) depending on their focus area.

‡ These electives fulfill course work that aligns with the desired College of Science or College of Health Sciences and Technology BS degree program chosen by the student.