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Creative Writing immersion

The creative writing immersion includes a series of courses offering students a practical, theoretical, and historical understanding of the art and craft of writing nonfiction, fiction prose, and poetry, as well as experimenting in digital storytelling and interactive media. The immersion encourages students to use these skills and insights for interdisciplinary projects and the enrichment of their careers and personal lives.

Choose three of the following:
   ENGL-211    Introduction to Creative Writing
   ENGL-275    Storytelling: [Genre/Theme]
   ENGL-376    Experimental Writing
   ENGL-386    World Building Workshop
   ENGL-389    Digital Creative Writing Workshop
   ENGL-390    Creative Writing Workshop
   ENGL-490    Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
   ENGL-511    Advanced Topics in Creative Writing
   ENGL-543    Game-based Fiction Workshop