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Economics Immersion

The economics immersion provides a systematic analysis of economic issues through the study of the allocation of scarce resources into production and the distribution of production among the members of society. 

Notes about this immersion:

  • This immersion is closed to students majoring in economics.
ECON-101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON-101H Honors Principles of Microeconomics
Choose three of the following:
   ECON-201    Principles of Macroeconomics
   ECON-401    Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
   ECON-402    Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
   ECON-403    Econometrics I
   ECON-404    Mathematical Methods: Economics
   ECON-405    International Trade and Finance
   ECON-406    Global Economic Issues
   ECON-407    Industrial Organization
   ECON-410    Game Theory: Economic Applications
   ECON-411    Computational Economics
   ECON-421    Natural Resource Economics
   ECON-422    Benefit-Cost Analysis
   ECON-430    Managerial Economics
   ECON-431    Monetary Analysis and Policy
   ECON-432    Open Economy Economics
   ECON-440    Urban Economics
   ECON-441    Labor Economics
   ECON-444    Public Finance
   ECON-445    History of Economic Thought
   ECON-448    Development Economics
   ECON-449    Comparative Economic Systems
   ECON-450    Health Care Economics
   ECON-451    Economics of Women and the Family
   ECON-452    Economics of Native America
   ECON-453    Behavioral and Experimental Economics
   ECON-503    Econometics II
   ECON-520    Environmental Economics