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English immersion

The English immersion allows students to study literature and other cultural works, as well as linguistics, and creative writing. The immersion is flexible in order to accommodate student interest in areas such as specific literary historical periods or geographic areas, multimedia and the visual arts, or literary genres and forms such as science fiction, the novel, the short story, poetry. Courses in the immersion emphasize the ability to read literature and other mediums analytically and write critically.

Choose one of the following:
    ENGL-210    Literature, Culture, and Media
    ENGL-216    Literature from Around the World
    ENGL-275    Storytelling: [Genre/Theme]
Choose two of the following:
   ENGL-307    Mythology and Literature
   ENGL-308    Shakespeare: Drama
   ENGL-309    Literary Forms
   ENGL-315    History of Digital Literature
   ENGL-316    Global Literature
   ENGL-318    Popular Literature
   ENGL-320    Genre Fiction
   ENGL-345    History of Madness
   ENGL-370    Evolving English Language
   ENGL-373    Media Adaptation
   ENGL-375    Storytelling Across Media
   ENGL-391    Dangerous Texts
   ENGL-410    Film Studies