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Environmental Studies immersion

The environmental studies immersion is an examination of the basic environmental problems we face, how environmental resource depletion and energy issues are related, and what kind of environmental ethics and/or values we have today and have had in the past. The immersion also explores the economic, legislative, and regulatory framework within which most environmental decisions are made. Since most technological areas are associated with significant environmental implications, it is essential that students have an understanding of and a well-thought-out value orientation about such environmental consequences.

Notes about this immersion:

  • Students are required to complete at least one course at the 300-level or above as part of the immersion.
Choose three of the following:
   PUBL-530    Energy Policy
   STSO-220    Environment and Society
   STSO-321    Face of the Land
   STSO-325    History of the Environmental Sciences
   STSO-326    History of Ecology and Environmentalism
   STSO-330    Energy and the Environment
   STSO-421    Environmental Policy
   STSO-422    Great Lakes
   STSO-510    Interdisciplinary Capstone Seminar
   STSO-521    Biodiversity and Society
   STSO-550    Sustainable Communities