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Health and Culture immersion

This immersion in health and culture focuses on the shifting configurations of health and culture in a globalizing world. Health beliefs, including notions about bodily integrity or emotional well-being, illness causation, and diagnostic practices, and the experiences, expressions, and treatments of human ailments unfold in concrete cultural contexts. Every society has some form of health care system, which is minimally administered by community members or specialized practitioners. By moving beyond the lens of western biomedicine, the immersion provides students with a set of tools for analyzing the impact of culture on how health care is delivered, how health symptoms are interpreted and communicated by patients and health providers, and how costs for treatment are calculated and managed in relation to perceived benefits. Courses examine the interrelation between health and culture from a number of perspectives and contexts, including the cultural realities within which bodies are meaningfully constituted or in some cases enhanced by technology, the culture-specific communicative or representational health practices, the socially constituted experiences of trauma, death, suffering, and healing, and the various culturally mediated approaches to health care costs and remedies.

Notes about this immersion:

  • At least one course must be taken from either anthropology (ANTH) or sociology (SOCI).
Choose three of the following:
   ANTH-245    Ritual and Performance
   ANTH-270    Cuisine, Culture and Power
   ANTH-325    Bodies and Culture
   ANTH-345    Genocide and Post-Conflict Justice
   ANTH-425    Global Sexualities
   COMM-344    Health Communication
   CRIM-245    Prostitution and Vice
   ECON-450    Health Care Economics
   FNRT-383    Traumatic Images
   FNRT-384    Art of Dying
   MLSP-353    Trauma and Survival in First-Person Narrative
   PHIL-316    Bioethics and Society
   PSYC-231    Death and Dying
   SOCI-322    Society, Environment and Health
   SOCI-245    Gender and Health
   SOCI-255    Disaster, Public Health Crisis, and Global Responses
   SOCI-315    Global Exiles of War and Terror
   STSO-341    Biomedical Issues
   STSO-441    Cyborg Theory: (Re)thinking the Human Experience in the 21st Century