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International Relations immersion

The international relations immersion combines the study of the complexities and shifting trends of international politics with the study of the global system. Particular emphasis is placed on the interactions and interconnectedness of nation-states at the international level and other participants in international affairs, such as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, sub-national entities, and individual citizens. Global issues studied include democratization, international and regional conflicts, terrorism, international trade and economic integration, economic development, international law and organizations, and human rights. This immersion is closed to students majoring in political science.

Choose three of the following:*
   POLS-205    Ethics in International Politics
   POLS-210    Comparative Politics
   POLS-215    Technology, Ethics and Global Politics
   POLS-220    Global Political Economy
   POLS-285    Environmental Ethics and Political Ecology
   POLS-315    International Law and Organizations
   POLS-320    American Foreign Policy
   POLS-330    Human Rights in Global Perspective
   POLS-335    Politics of Developing Countries
   POLS-350    Government and Politics of East Asia
   POLS-360    International Political Thought
   POLS-370    Cyberwar, Robots, and the Future of Conflict
   POLS-410    Evolutionary International Relations
   POLS-440    War and the State
   POLS-445    Terrorism and Political Violence
   POLS-455    Comparative Public Policy
   POLS-525    Special Topics in Political Science
   POLS-541    Peacekeeping & Conflict Transformation
   POLS-542    War & State Building

* At least one course must be at the 300 level or higher.