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Modern Languages and Cultures - Spanish immersion

Diane Forbes, Immersion Adviser

This immersion introduces students to the language, customs, and cultural aspects (history, art, literature, politics, anthropology, and music) of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. The immersion consists of three language courses or two language courses and one culture course. Students with previous language skills must consult the minor adviser for placement evaluation before they register. 

Notes about this immersion:

  • This immersion is closed to students majoring in international and global studies who have chosen an area of study in Spanish language or a field specialization in Latin America or Europe, students majoring in applied modern language and culture who have chosen the Spanish language track, and to students who are fluent native speakers of Spanish.
Choose two or three consecutive language courses:
   MLSP-201A, 201B    Beginning Spanish IA, IB†
   MLSP-202    Beginning Spanish II
   MLSP-301    Intermediate Spanish I
   MLSP-302    Intermediate Spanish II
   MLSP-401    Advanced Spanish I
   MLSP-402    Advanced Spanish II
   MLSP-410    Spanish for Science and Technology
   MLSP-415    Professional Spanish
One culture course may be used in place of one language course
   ANTH-235    Immigrating to the U.S.
   ANTH-255    Regional Archaeology‡
   ANTH-335    Culture and Politics in Latin America
   ANTH-350    The Global Economy and the Grassroots
   ARTH-561    Latin American Art
   ENGL-416    Topics in Global Literatures*
   ENGL-418    Great Authors*
   MLSP-315    Hispanic Culture and Civilization
   MLSP-351    Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies
   MLSP-352    Caribbean Cinema
   MLSP-353    Trauma and Survival in First-Person Narrative
   MLSP-572    Art of the Americas

* When the course deals with Spanish and/or Latin American literature.
† Based on a student's previous study of the Spanish language, students may enroll in either Beginning Spanish 1A (MLSP-201A) or Beginning Spanish 1B (MLSP-201B).
‡ This course may be used when the topic focuses on Mesoamerica.