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Music immersion

The immersion in music offers courses in the history, theory, and practice of music. Students with a background in music and/or a genuine desire to know more about the subject will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of various theoretical and historical aspects, as well as participate in performing groups at RIT.

Notes about this immersion:

  • Students are required to complete at least one course at the 300-level or above as part of the immersion.
Choose three of the following:
   FNRT-250    RIT Singers*
   FNRT-251    RIT Orchestra*
   FNRT-252    RIT Concert Band*
   FNRT-253    World Music Ensemble*
   FNRT-255    RIT Chamber Orchestra*
   FNRT-254    RIT Jazz Ensemble*
   FNRT-201    Music in the US
   FNRT-202    Studies in World Music
   FNRT-203    American Popular and Rock Music
   FNRT-204    Music and the Stage
   FNRT-205    Music Theory 1
   FNRT-209    Medieval and Renaissance Music
   FNRT-210    Bach, Handel, and the Baroque
   FNRT-211    Era of Haydn, Mozart, & Beethoven
   FNRT-320    Romanticism in Music
   FNRT-321    Music Since 1900
   FNRT-322    Survey of Jazz
   FNRT-323    Survey of African-American Music
   FNRT-324    Sounds of Protest
   FNRT-325    American Popular Song
   FNRT-326    History and Technology of Musical Instruments
   FNRT-327    American Musical Theatre
   FNRT-485    Music Theory 2
   CMDS-240    The Harmonica and the Blues

* Each of these ensembles is one semester credit hour. Three semesters of participation are required to complete one immersion course.