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Science and Technology Studies immersion

The science and technology studies immersion examines some of the major impacts of science and technology in the contemporary world. Special preference is given to American concerns. Students gain an overall appreciation of the social nature of science and technology as they have developed in the past, as they exist today, and as they may affect society in the future under various scenarios. Science and technology have become social systems in their own right and have made possible increasing freedom, a fantastic variety of choice, and, paradoxically, the growing interdependence of all segments of world society. A new level of public awareness and concern is crucial to understanding and dealing successfully with these consequences.

Notes about this immersion:

  • Students are required to complete at least one course at the 300-level or above as part of the immersion.
Choose three of the following:
   STSO-201    Science and Technology Policy
   STSO-240    Social Consequences of Technology
   STSO-246    History of Women in Science and Engineering
   STSO-321    Face of the Land
   STSO-341    Biomedical Issues: Science and Technology
   STSO-342    Gender, Science and Technology
   STSO-345    Makers of Modern Science
   STSO-346    Technology in American History
   STSO-441    Cyborg Theory: (Re)thinking the Human Experience in the 21st Century
   STSO-442    Science, Technology and Society Classics
   STSO-445    The Natural Sciences in Western History
   STSO-446    History of Chemistry
   STSO-510    Interdisciplinary Capstone Seminar