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Text and Code immersion

Immersion discontinued

This immersion no longer accepts new students. Currently matriculated students are not affected.

We encounter digital texts and codes every time we use a smartphone, turn on an app, or interact online. This immersion explores innovative and evolving questions and practices of text and code in literature, linguistics, creative writing, and locative and interactive media. It invites students to explore the social, cultural, and technological significance of text, code, and their interrelations.

Choose two of the following English courses:
   ENGL-215    Text and Code
   ENGL-351    Language Technology
   ENGL-375    Storytelling Across Media
   ENGL-376    Experimental Writing
   ENGL-419    Literature and Technology
   ENGL-422    Maps, Spaces, Places
   ENGL-481    Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Choose one of the following computing courses:
   FNRT-356    Interactive Design for Museums
   IGME-110    Introduction to Interactive Media
   ISTE-382    Introduction to Geospatial Technologies