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American History minor

Minor discontinued

This minor no longer accepts new students. Currently matriculated students are not affected.

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
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This minor has not been converted to semesters. However, a minor in history is now available.

Effective fall 2013, RIT converted its academic calendar from quarters to semesters.
View this minor's information from the retired quarter calendar

Quarter Curriculum - For Reference Only

Effective fall 2013, RIT converted its academic calendar from quarters to semesters. The following content has been made available as reference only. Currently matriculated students who began their academic programs in quarters should consult their academic adviser for guidance and course selection.

Legacy Quarter Text: 

The American history minor emphasizes the social, cultural, and political history of the United States.

Required Courses—Choose five of the following:
0507-401 History of American Women: Colonies to 1848
0507-402 History of American Women: 1848 to Now
0507-410 Terrorism, Intelligence, and War
0507-411 Origins of U.S. Foreign Relations
0507-440 U.S. Social and Intellectual History
0507-441 Modern U.S. Foreign Relations
0507-447 U.S. Since 1945
0507-451 History of Rochester
0507-462 The Civil War and Reconstruction
0507-463 American Deaf History
0507-465 Survey of African-American History
0507-466 American Slavery, American Freedom
0507-467 American Disability History
0507-474 America’s National Parks
0507-475 Hands-on History
0507-492 Selected Problems in Black History
0507-494 Immigration and Ethnicity
0507-495 The Civil Rights Movement in 20th Century U.S. History
0507-497 Biography in/as History