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Biology: Cellular and Molecular Minor

Rosanne Klingler, Academic Adviser
(585) 475-4765,

The biology: cellular and molecular minor provides students with opportunities to experience and explore topics related to both the cellular and molecular aspects of modern biology to broaden and enhance their educational experience. This minor is closed to students majoring in biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biomedical sciences, and biotechnology and molecular bioscience.

Choose one of the following sequences:
   BIOL-101, 102, 103, 104    General Biology I, II and Labs
   BIOL-121, 122    Introduction to Biology I, II
Required Course
BIOL-201 Cellular and Molecular Biology
Elective choices should total a minimum of 11 credit hours
   BIOL-204    Introduction to Microbiology
   BIOL-218    Biology of Plants
   BIOL-265    Evolutionary Biology
   BIOL-305    Plants, Medicine, and Technology
   BIOL-306    Food Microbiology
   BIOL-307    Microbiology of Wastewater
   BIOL-308    Biology of Cancer
   BIOL-310    Bioenergy: Microbial Production
   BIOL-314    Tissue Culture
   BIOL-321    Genetics
   BIOL-322    Developmental Biology
   BIOL-325    Bioinformatic Analysis of Macromolecules
   BIOL-340    Genomics
   BIOL-341    Synthetic Biology
   BIOL-375    Advanced Immunology
   BIOL-380    Bioremediation
   BIOL-401    Biological Separations: Principles and Practices
   BIOL-403    Principles of Plant Biochemistry and Pathology
   BIOL-415    Virology
   BIOL-416    Plant Biotechnology
   BIOL-418    Plant Molecular Biology
   BIOL-420    Bacterial Host Interactions
   BIOL-450    Genetic Engineering

* Two courses must be 300-level or above.