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Globalization minor

The impact of global change is dramatic and far-reaching, altering the dynamics of everyday life on a planetary scale. The minor in globalization provides students with the opportunity to think creatively about a range of globalizing processes, theories, and practices (in cultural, political, social, biomedical, economic, and artistic contexts). Courses investigate issues pertinent to the phenomenon of globalization, including cultural exchange; multicultural communities; global governance; information transfer; and social, environmental, health, and labor issues. Accelerated by communication technologies, globalization redefines how individuals and communities experience and view the world.

Notes about this minor:

  • This minor is closed to students majoring in international and global studies and students majoring in sociology and anthropology who have chosen the cultural anthropology or sociology tracks.
  • Posting of the minor on the student's academic transcript requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • Notations may appear in the curriculum chart below outlining pre-requisites, co-requisites, and other curriculum requirements (see footnotes).
Required Course
INGS-101 Global Studies
Choose four of the following:*
   ANTH-110    On the Cutting Edge: Research and Theory in the 21st Century
   ANTH-210    Culture and Globalization
   ANTH-220    Language and Culture
   ANTH-225    Globalizing Africa
   ANTH-235    Immigration to the U.S.
   ANTH-270    Cuisine, Culture and Power
   ANTH-275    Global Islam
   ANTH-330    Cultural Images of War and Terror
   ANTH-328    Heritage and Tourism
   ANTH-345    Genocide and Post-Conflict Justice
   ANTH-350    Global Economy and the Grassroots
   ANTH-360    Humans and Their Environment
   ANTH-370    Media and Globalization
   ANTH-410    Global Cities
   ANTH-425    Global Sexualities
   ANTH-430    Visual Anthropology
   ECON-406    Global Economic Issues
   HIST-480    Global Information Age
   INGS-201    Histories of Globalization
   INGS-310    Global Slavery and Human Trafficking
   MEDS-355    Introduction to Global Health Issues
   POLS-220    Global Political Economy
   POLS-330    Human Rights in Global Perspective
   SOCI-250    Globalization and Security
   SOCI-255    Global Public Health Crisis
   SOCI-315    Global Exiles of War and Terror
   SOCI-355    Cyber Activism

* At least two of the elective courses must be at the 300-level or above.