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Literary and Cultural Studies minor

Minor discontinued

This minor no longer accepts new students. Currently matriculated students are not affected.

College of Liberal Arts, Office of Student Services
(585) 475-2444,

This minor has not been converted to semesters.

Effective fall 2013, RIT converted its academic calendar from quarters to semesters.
View this minor's information from the retired quarter calendar

Quarter Curriculum - For Reference Only

Effective fall 2013, RIT converted its academic calendar from quarters to semesters. The following content has been made available as reference only. Currently matriculated students who began their academic programs in quarters should consult their academic adviser for guidance and course selection.

Legacy Quarter Text: 

The English department offers both traditional and contemporary approaches to the study of literary and nonliterary texts including, but not limited to, imaginative fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual culture, and new media. This minor allows students to pursue a course of study specifically tailored to individual interests and needs. Those who select this minor will work closely with a faculty adviser to design a five- to six-course grouping based on interests in particular authors, themes, histories, genres, geographies, media, and/or interpretive and analytical methodologies. All of the courses are writing intensive and offer opportunities for sustained writing and communication practice.

0504-227 Writing (or equivalent)

Electives—Choose one of the following:
0504-440 Drama/Theater
0504-441 The Art of Poetry
0504-442 The Short Story
0504-443 The Novel

Electives—Choose four of the following:
0504-425 Great Authors
0504-435 Global Literature
0504-436 The Graphic Novel
0504-444 Film as Literature
0504-447 Special Topics
0504-448 Biographical Literature
0504-460 Modern Poetry
0504-462 Literature and Technology
0504-464 Mythology and Folklore
0504-465 Viking Myth and Saga
0504-469 American Literature
0504-476 Immigrant Voices in American Literature
0504-479 The Latino Experience in Literature
0504-480 Women’s Studies in Language and Literature
0504-482 Science Fiction
0504-545 Deaf American Literature