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Priorities, Key Focus Areas, & Incubating Projects

The Office of the Provost is engaged in several fronts to assist the students, faculty, and staff in their success and to advance the mission and vision of RIT. This work is best described in terms of long-term priorities, key focus areas, and incubating projects. This year’s work plan.

  • Priorities are made up of five strategic areas of work that are driving our success as a campus – student success, academic excellence, research and innovation, faculty and staff success, and inclusive and global education.
  • Key focus areas are those areas of work that are of immediate importance and support the mission, vision, and priorities of RIT. These key focus areas include the calendar conversion process, the RIT-RGHS alliance, and academic curricular planning.
  • Incubating projects include those activities and work that are in their initial planning and research stages. As these projects are developed and enter the implementation stage, they become initiatives under the priorities or activities under the key focus areas.

Student Success

The collection of work and activities that support and lead to the success of our students as measured by achievement of learning and completion of degree.

Academic Excellence

Fundamental to our mission and vision in that it incorporates those activities that lead to the highest quality academic programs; examples include acquiring and allocating resources, achieving accreditation, developing, evaluating, and managing academic programs, and working to achieve student learning.

General Education

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation as well as scholarship and creative work, form a critical part of faculty and student work; learning becomes engaged and enhanced when faculty embrace the teacher-scholar model and infuse the classroom learning with new ideas, discoveries, and inventions. The Office of the Provost seeks to support research and innovation by eliminating barriers and providing assistance.


Faculty and Staff Success

Activities which aid faculty and staff in their work and enable them to succeed. Examples include professional development programs, tenure and promotion guidance, support for the enhancement of teaching and learning, and the sharing of information through effective communication.

Tenure and Promotion

Inclusive and Global Education

Inclusive and Global Education describes those projects and activities that support RIT's value and commitment to preparing our students to effectively work in a multi-cultural, diverse, and global environment.

Inclusive and Global Education
  • Kyoto Remarks - video - June 2013
  • International Travel Procedures - December 21, 2011
  • The Future is Global: VIEWPOINTS by Jeremy Haefner - University News – December 6, 2010
  • Global Education @RIT - Fall 2010
  • Advance Faculty and Staff Success Through Data

    Review and analyze information from COACHE, engagement, and climate surveys; develop uniform communication plan; identify 3 key action items and make progress.

    Online Learning/Innovative Learning Institute (ILI)

    RIT has a strong reputation for its innovative approaches to online learning. With the calendar conversion process underway, this is an optimal time to recommit and refresh our expertise and approach to this central pedagogy.