Repopulating Campus

RIT has enhanced our resources to support employees and the university as we continue to deliver on our commitment to excellent service for both students and the campus community.

RIT’s people have always been its greatest asset. Never has this been more evident than when the pandemic took over our collective lives and careers in March 2020. With the challenges of the last year, RIT has taken the opportunity to examine our policies and practices to explore new possibilities for how we work. As a result, we have enhanced our resources and guidance for divisions and colleges that will support flexibility for our employees as we continue to deliver on our commitment to excellent service to our students and the campus community.

As we repopulate our campus, let’s remember that it will take time to adjust. Let’s be prepared to give one another a little more runway. Let’s be patient with one another. And let’s be kind to ourselves and others – as we come together as a community to continue the necessary, important and good work we pride ourselves in at RIT.

Guiding Principles

RIT continues to embrace a phased approach to resuming on-campus operations – one that is underscored by a commitment to the health and safety of our campus community, while continuing to create a vibrant campus life for our students and pursue our core missions of learning, innovation, and service.

These guidelines are the set of processes that are recommended for divisional and college leaders as they consider their repopulation plans and are designed to assist both employees and managers with the decisions needed to implement flexibility that is mutually beneficial.

All repopulation plans should be developed in alignment with the following workplace guidance:

  • Workplace conversations and considerations should continue or begin as soon as possible, allowing enough time for employees to plan on making a return to campus on or about August 2, 2021.
  • The university supports the exploration of continued flexible and remote work options in situations when such working arrangements allow for continuity of work that advances the strategic initiatives of the university, college, and divisional goals and address employee needs.
  • Leaders and employees should work collaboratively to navigate opportunities and challenges related to workplace arrangements.
  • Colleges and divisions will determine how they approach repopulating campus and the appropriate level of on-campus or flexible work arrangements will be at the discretion of the unit manager. Managers should allow employees to individualize plans that reasonably honor the needs of their employees.
  • Leaders have been asked to be flexible in developing transitional work plans with their employees. Flexible work arrangement (FWA) guidelines have been updated to provide additional details and resources for employees and supervisors.

All campus repopulation decisions must take into consideration New York state and RIT workplace guidance. COVID-19 safety guidelines continue to drive building occupancy, health and safety guidance, and work-related activities such as in-person meetings and office usage. The best source of accurate health and safety information is the RIT Safety Plan. As things continue to evolve, please check the RIT Safety plan on a regular basis as it will be updated as changes occur.