2017 Effective Access Technology Conference

Friday April 21, 2017

Innovative Access Technology Product Competition

The 2017 Innovative Access Technology Product Competition is specifically designed to promote and advance early-stage effective access ideas. This competition is broadly defined in order to include almost all access technology stakeholders: faculty and student researchers; companies; and other individuals with new access technology ideas.

To demonstrate your early-stage status, qualifying applicants are those with no current revenue, or less than $50,000 in investment funding (personal or professional).  Any amount of research funding is permissible. A product that has completed beta-testing is permissible.

Deadline:  Sunday, April 9, 2017.  

Judging Process:  The judges will use the application information to evaluate your innovative idea, and will select five (5) semi-finalists* from all applications received.

The five (5) semi-finalists will be notified on Friday, April 14, 2017 via email.  The email will include a presentation template to be used for the presentation to the judges on April 21.

The application process involves providing between one and two pages of information describing your innovative ideas.

Here is the link to the applicaton: http://bit.ly/AccessTechComp2017

Effective Access Technology Conference, Friday, April 21 2017     The Polisseni Center, RIT Campus

NOTE: The presentations and awards ceremony are open to conference attendees only

1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m., Presentations to Judging Panel

In a session open to conference attendees, each team will have 5 minutes to present their technology idea to a panel of judges.  Only the judges are allowed to ask questions of the presenters.  After all semi-finalists have presented, the judges will move into a closed session to determine the finalists.

4:30 p.m., Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks

All semi-finalists will make a 90-second "elevator pitch" to conference attendees describing their technology idea.  The 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-place winners will then be announced.

Finalist Awards

$2,500 1st Place

$1,000 2nd Place

   $500 3rd Place

All semi-finalists must register to attend the conference

2017 Innovative Access Technology Product Contest

Entry Information Template

Instructions: Please use this as a template for a short document describing your Innovative Access Technology Product or Service. 

1.    Project Description and Benefits

  • Project Name:
  • Product/service description:
  • Problem addressed:  (What is it and how is it currently being addressed without your product/service?)
  • Functions and Benefits to Stakeholders:  
    • How does the product work? Define and qualify each key benefit (e.g., cost, performance, technical efficiency, etc.) 
  • Estimated Product/Service Cost? (What are the cost advantages to using this product service? 
  • How are the product’s benefits and costs more compelling compared to current alternatives?  

2.    Applicant/Team

  • Name of team/company:
  • Is the product development being carried out in an existing company/organization, new company or as an independent research project?  Please explain:
  • Name and title of applicant(s):
  • Corresponding applicant:​
    • address, city, state, and zip:
    • Phone Number:
    • Email Address:

3.    Competitive Position

  • Competitors: (Who is your completion, direct or indirect?)
  • Competitive Advantage: (Why is your product/service superior to the competition?)
  • Sustainability: (How will you sustain your advantage?)
  • IP Protection: (If and how is proprietary information protected?)

4.    Target Market

  • Markets: (What markets and market segments are you targeting?)
  • Customers/Stakeholders (Individuals, caregivers, service providers, etc.?) 
  • Addressable Market Size and Distribution:  (How large is the market? How will customers be reached and the product be disseminated?)

5.    Customer Discovery and Project Maturity

  • Customer discovery:  (How many customers been interviewed about the potential product?  What have you learned as a result?)
  • Product Development: (At what stage of development is your product/service?)

6.    Release agreement

  • Would you like this entry to be kept confidential or included as part of the 3rd Annual Effective Access Technology Conference Proceedings? (Yes/No)