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Raises Funding Round

Simple, powerful and customized online shopping experience for supermarket customers.


Freshop, Inc.

Freshop offers the most comprehensive, customizable, modern, online grocery shopping technology designed to provide independent grocers of any size a pathway to compete with larger competitors and gain access to affordable technology that can increase profitability. Freshop enables greater control with a store branded platform and additional functionality including a non-intrusive and controlled advertising feature and complete administrative control.

Freshop’s technology solution eliminates the requirement of long-term restrictive contracts, “enhanced pricing” and per-order fees that are common in the online grocery industry. We are committed to our clients and they welcome our transparency, partnership and consistent engagement that extend beyond initial account setup and allow them to forge stronger customer connections with a store branded experience with easy online planning and shopping.

Freshop empowers independent grocers, enabling them to compete in the online shopping space where profitability and higher sales are possible with an average ring for an online Freshop basket of $125 versus $34 for an in-store basket. Independents can now offer an online shopping experience that increases share of cart with functionality like clickable, sortable circulars, ease of searchability led by categories rather than brands, and immense potential to sell produce with the highest margins as most shoppers live within a few miles of a retailer.


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