RIT departments develop certain identifying marks that are unique to RIT. These marks become known to the internal and external community as being associated with the operations, goods and/or services of RIT. To protect these unique symbols, words, marks or other unique identifying images, it is in the best interest of RIT to register them. Trademark registration conveys legal rights to RIT against infringement of these marks by external parties. A mark may consist of any one of the following items: words, symbols, graphic designs. Registering a RIT trademark entails formal legal action with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Documents must be filed, and once registration is received, there is periodic renewal of this registration. For more information access the RIT Trademark Registration Form.


Steps in Registering a RIT Trademark

RIT Department requests trademark registration through the Intellectual Property Management Office. This office will coordinate processing of this request through RIT's Office of Legal Affairs. An application for applying for trademark registration can be found here.

The applicant will receive updates on the progress of the registration process. The outcome of the trademark registration will be announced to the initiating department with copies of the trademark registration kept in the Office of Legal Affairs.


Initiating a Trademark Registration

To begin the process, please complete the attached application and forward it to the Intellectual Property Management Office, University Services Center, Suite 2400 or mail it to 145 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, New York 14623

Questions can be directed to the Intellectual Property Management Office: Bill Bond, director, 585-475-2986 or referred to RIT's in-house counsel.


RIT Trademark Infringement

RIT has registered a number of trademarks that represent RIT to both internal and external parties. The trademark registration process enables RIT to protect these marks against potential infringement. Trademark infringement exists when a party uses the registered mark of another in association with the activities, advertisement or operations of that party without the express permission of the mark's owner. The standard for determining infringement rests on whether the use of a mark by a third party could lead a reasonable person to confuse association with another's trademarked activities.


Process for Investigating & Handling Infringement Claims

The members of the RIT community who become aware of possible infringement of these marks are encouraged to alert RIT through the following process:

  • Possible infringement identified and reported to the Risk Management and Insurance Office (585-475-6131). Sufficient details should be provided to permit Risk Management to investigate. A case number is assigned to the infringement complaint.
  • RIT will investigate the alleged infringement.
  • If it is determined infringement exists, RIT will determine further action to be taken.