Intellectual Property Policy Committee (IPPC)

Employee Title Appointed by (Term) Contact
Janelle Aimi

Saunders College of Business
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Staff Council (2018-2021)



Ross Koenig

Assistant Vice President,

Budget & Financial Planning Services

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs (2008-2011) 475-2378 
6046 Eastman
Bill Bond, acting chair Director, 
Intellectual Property Management Office
2469 Univ Serv Ctr
Leonid Reznik Department of Computer Science 
Golisano College of Comp. and Info. Sciences
Academic Senate (2004-2010) 475-7210 
3521 Golisano Hall
Thomas Smith Professor of Chemistry and Microsystems Engineering 
College of Science
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs (2004-2014) 475-7982 
2402 Slaughter Hall