December 19, 2016

BreatheBuddies is an RIT startup dedicated to improving the breathing habits of people around the world through awareness campaigns and innovative product design.

Their team has designed a hand-held device, similar to a high-tech stress ball, that guides users through rhythmic breathing exercises that help them to de-stress, relax, and concentrate on tasks at hand. The device uses intuitive light and vibration patterns to inform the user when to inhale and exhale.

In addition, BreatheBuddies collects data on the user’s vital signs to track their relaxation before and after the exercises.

First they plan to implement BreatheBuddies in the classroom setting, teaching young children some healthy breathing habits that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. Next, they will release BreatheBuddies to the general public, helping people with high stress and anxiety, those in therapy settings, elderly people, or even those who are having trouble sleeping.

If everyone took a moment to take ten deep breaths, would that be enough to change the world for the better? BreatheBuddies wants to find out.

BreatheBuddies has a well-rounded, multidiciplinary team with skills in industrial design, engineering, video and photography promotion, and business strategy. Their team members include Andrew Magee, David Evenski, Mariana Pinheiro, Austin DePalma, and Matthew Mack.

Can't wait to see how many people BreatheBuddies can help with this product!

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