May 1, 2017

"Be heard, Unite voices, Stand together." That is the motto that has driven RIT student Sophia Dower to start the company Allied Connect and introduce B.U.S. to the world.

B.U.S. is a support and communication network for students who have been bullied, as well as concerned parents and teachers who are looking for advice on how to handle such situations. People from throughout the world will be able to log into this app and connect with others who have been bullied. The goal is to connect people with similar stories so that they can see that they are not going through this alone. Through personal experience and research, Allied Connect has found that when someone is struggling with something, talking to someone who is going through a similar thing is extremely helpful.

Sophia is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Technology major from Syracuse, NY. She has centered her life around striving to make a difference in the lives of others, and it is her firm belief that doing at least one nice thing a day for someone else will lead to a much happier life. Joining Sophia in her quest to bring B.U.S. to life are Evan Oslakovich, James Scrimale, and Nikki Tackley. This team is receiving experienced coaching and custom work space from the Simone Center for Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which Sophia claims has helped B.U.S. grow rapidly into what it is today.

Sophia and Allied Connect are also are working on a new training program for schools on how to deal with bullying appropriately. Make sure to keep up with B.U.S. as this team of students strives to help end as much bullying as they can by making schools both proactive and reactive.

Congrats B.U.S! The Simone Center is very proud of your accomplishments!

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