The Construct - Makerspace

The Construct - RIT Student Makerspace

RIT prides itself as an innovative university, rich in a complementary array of experientially-focused and design-oriented technology and programs.  It is the second-largest producer of STEM graduates among private universities in the United States. Our most valuable asset, however, is our innovative students, many of whom seek to design, build, and realize new technologies and products that will impact the world.

An important trend in higher education is the creation of student-focused “makerspaces”.  These makerspaces, pioneered by engineering-intensive universities, create a work space where students from any discipline can create products based upon their innovative concepts.

With this in mind, RIT is proud to present the creation of a new, student-focused RIT makerspace, named the Construct –open to all students, seeking a place to create innovative products and solutions.  The Construct is housed on the fourth floor of Institute Hall, and is almost 2000 square feet. 

The makerspace provides:

  • Functional Prototyping and Collaborative Space. The Construct is equipped with machines and tools for milling, cutting, circuit board fabrication, 3D printing, (e.g., rapid prototyping), etc.
  • Clearing House for Access to RIT Lab and Facility Resources.  RIT operates a variety of design-related labs throughout the university. There is currently no clearing house mechanism to inform students when, or if, specialized labs are available for general use outside of an affiliated course. This lab will network existing labs and tool facilities, to inform students of open access times.

Equipment, Tools and Layout.  Based on requests from the student body, the makerspace will make available to students of all programs:

  • A router table capable of 3D milling, as well as 2D plasma/laser cutting
  • A CNC milling machine
  • Turning, vertical-milling, drilling, sawing and hand tools
  • Inexpensive Fused Deposition Modeling and Stereolithographic 3D printing capability
  • Circuit board fabrication and assembly capability
  • Microcontroller, digital signal processing & embedded device development tools
  • Radio, RF, and Software-defined RF development tools
  • Analog electronic parts, power electronics parts & related development tools
  • CAD, CAM and Circuit design tools

Student Usage and Target Groups. The RIT makerspace is designed to serve the needs of innovative students seeking to create new products, inventions and applications. Students may come from a variety of programs including: engineering, industrial design, artistry or scientific etc. The makerspace also seeks to gain the involvement of a larger group of technologists and designers who emphasize general product design and development.

For more information about the Construct, including photos and hours of operation, please contact Mike Buffalin or visit The Construct website at