March 13, 2017

Colin Fausnaught is a 3rd year software engineering student who has participated in many clubs and organizations on campus. He has been in 2 A Cappella groups (Surround Sound and now Brick City Singers) and has worked very closely with the Society of Software Engineers. Through the SSE, he started working on OpenBCI, an open source brain-computer interface company. That personal project led to an internship at OpenBCI in the summer of 2016, where he learned about electromyography (EMG). When Colin first conceptualized this project, he never imagined they could get to this stage. He is so grateful to the resources around him (including the Simone Center and Student Incubator Program), pushing him to pursing this company. Colin can't wait to make cool, futuristic technology and help a lot of people along the way.

Colin and his team, Joseph DiPassio, John Grosh and Dan Berg, decided to pursue their startup company DADCo. DADCo utilizes electromyography (EMG) to create consumer-based products that monitor muscle movements to accomplish different tasks. When a muscle clenches, that muscle emits an electrical signal, and their technology can capture and use that signal to do everything from drive robotic prosthetics to interface with mobile phones.


DADCo is currently taking advantage of many resources offered by the Simone Center including entrepreneurship courses and the student incubator co-work space for student team startups and projects. Through the Applied Entrepreneurship class, they have been assigned Ed Bizari as their AE coach and Kenn Martinez as their Software Engineering coach. DADCo also just recently won 5th place in the annual RIT Business Model Competition for Spring 2017!


For more information on DADCo, check out their website, facebook page and twitter profile.

The Simone Center is looking forward to seeing your progress and success!

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