Energy Recovery System

Team 6: Improved Energy Recovery Systems for Large Hospitals

Problem: Need a prototype device placed in a hospital parking garage or other high traffic area to act as an energy recovery system that assesses the potential to recover some of the kinetic energy that is normally wasted in these areas. A cost analysis will assess the manufacturing and installation costs associated with such a device. 

​Organization: Rochester Regional Health

Sponsor and Coach: Mike Waller and Jeff Arywitz

Students: Sushant Dahale (Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration), Yash Agrawal (Mechanical Engineering), Ethan Young (Industrial Design), Deepti Chintalapudi (Industrial and Systems Engineering), Zoe Gomer (Industrial Design), Ying Yi Chen (Industrial Design), S M Aftatul Aman (Engineering), Akshata Arvind Desai (Electrical Engineering)