February 13, 2017

Alana Bichutsky is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Management Information Systems in Saunders College of Business and is the first member of her family to be born in America. Back in the 90's, her family immigrated to America from Moscow, Russia to pursue a better life and a shot at the American Dream for their children. A few years later, Alana was born and another challenge fell into her family's path. She was diagnosed as deaf and with hours of therapy, practice and hard work, she learned to speak articulately without effort. Through the years, she excelled in her academics, found new passions from becoming an EMT to athletics to art, and discovered a desire to become an entrepreneur to create her own success.

Fast forward to 2017, following the path Alana’s family had paved for her, she is now looking to create her own American Dream, through her idea of FreshLock.

FreshLock is an innovative food storage container, integrated with contaminant detection, that can indicate freshness in your leftovers through its LED light. Alana just recently received 3rd place in the Fall 2016 Tiger Tank competition held by the Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, winning a sum of cash and a 50% graduate school scholarship. Because of her success, Alana was offered a spot in the Simone Center's Incubator Program. This semester, she is working on a prototype for FreshLock.

Congratulations Alana! The Simone Center is looking forward to watching you succeed!


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