Heart Brain Farm

Heart Brain Farm

October 4, 2016

Heart Brain Farm started out as an MFA Industrial Design graduation project for Mehrafza Mirzazad at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The unique idea for the project was to create a zero waste community. Mehrafza and her team, with the help of the Simone Center mentors and resources were able to continue the project and are now being acknowledged for their efforts. Heart Brain Farm is now being recognized as one of the top 40 ideas for the OpenIDEO in refinement phase of the Food Waste Challenge among 456 other entries.

Mehrafza explains that, "the circular system is inspired by living systems in nature. Every system's end is another system's beginning. I am trying to apply this natural harmony to our food system. Our food leftovers can be used as food for redworms. The result of their waste products can be used to improve the soil that we grow our food in. There is no beginning and no end, just a cycle."

The idea was in the works before the challenge even began. Mehrafza and her team have been working on the Heart Brain Farm system for about six months now and have made incredible progress. She has been researching and learning about a circular economy system for over two years in the hopes to reduce the exhaustion and depletion of our planet's resources. Heart Brain Farm was created to give people a new perspective of the world. They have designed numerous tool kits for communities to change their daily lives and start making a better impact on the world. 

This idea has generated a lot of enthusiasm with the OpenIDEO team and challenge sponsors, and has therefore been advanced to the Refinement phase of the Food Waste Challenge. This next phase ends with a final workshop with the challenge sponsors the week of October 17, and consists of judges who will review ideas during this intense phase to determine the most creative prototypes of all the ideas.

Congratulations to Mehrafza and the Heart Brain Farm team! The Simone Center is very proud of you!

Stay tuned for next week's Innovation Spotlight Story on mySpiderweb.

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