Saunders Summer Startup Program Teams 2015


Provide education about current cyber attacks and attacker behaviors with the use of cyber attacker and computer network simulation. We create a simulation platform to and the models reflecting the most current cyber attackers and exploits. These are then adapted to a customer's network to give context of what these cyber attacks mean to them.


LiftForce produces smart weightlifting technology. LiftForce Vulcan attaches to power racks and analyzes weightlifting form in real time (it uses a couple of sensors and a touchscreen). We’re also building an app called Atlas that syncs with Vulcan (and any other smart equipment we build) and provides subscribers with detailed biomechanical analysis to learn which areas need improvement (and a bunch of other stuff).

Myspiderweb is a tool for small companies to easily engage with their customers on social networking services. aggregates social networking services in a unique way so that users can easily manage information between the multiple services in a seamless fashion. It is essential for us to tailor to these unique users so that they feel a part of the community.

HZ Innovations

In households, a sound recognition system detects and alerts the homeowner with hearing loss of critical sounds. Hz Innovations will develop and distribute Hz Systems. The systems will be offered as start-up kits consisting of: three miniature microphones, a bridge/hub, an app, and a specific number of sounds that it will recognize. Initially, the sound recognition software will be licensed while we develop our hardware. Miniaturized wireless microphones placed in rooms around the home will create a blanket of coverage that will effectively capture sound, which will then be relayed back to the bridge, linking the hardware to the app.


Our company will provide hosted web applications to educational institutions for a subscription fee. We will provide platform as a service (PaaS) solutions to higher education institutions. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model that delivers applications over the Internet. Our company is the cloud provider that delivers the application, and our users are students at higher education institutions.

UNA Team

The UNA portable coffee maker is an innovative product that allows you to brew your own coffee whenever and wherever you are. It is coffee on the go! Our company is a startup that was just created as a partnership between three RIT graduate students and will act in the coffee market, providing solutions to coffee lovers and electronics addicts. We wish to develop different technological products to our clients to provide new experiences for their daily routine, focused on the simplest activities like making a coffee or riding a bike.

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