IdeaLab Spring 2013

The Teams and Projects from IdeaLab Spring 2013

Team 1: Success Mapping Model

Students: Mohammed Alhamed (Software Engineer), Bridget Sheehan (Industrial Design), Ariel Christopher (Industrial Design), Gino Santaguida (Industrial Design), Chang Su (Business), Rhian Cogan (Management), Miguel Lopez (MIS)

Team 2: RGH Wrist Sanitizers

Students: Bijal Patwa (Industrial Design), Paula Garcia (Industrial Design), Heather Allen (Industrial Design), Stephanie Laurence (Industrial Design), Tony Klan (Industrial Design), Kevin Hill (IT)

Team 3: Development of a Mistake Proof Process

Students: Abhishek Swaminathan (Industrial Design), Jesus Guzman (Finanice/ MIS), Ka Wah Wong (MET), Ricardo Louis (MET), Erica Nwankwo (Industrial Design), Graham Forsey (MIS), Siwei Zhang (Finance)

Team 4: RGH Mobile Centrifuge

Students: Alyssa Smith (Medical), Dan Thompson (Management), Greg Sapienza (IT), Robert Allen (MBA), Joshua Wolhandler (Management), Parrish Skinner (Medical), Melika Alipour (Industrial Design)