October 24, 2016

LiftForce started when Ian Young and Evan Oslakovich were talking in the gym about how Ian injured his back when he tried to start lifting. The injury had occurred over time because he was unaware that he was lifting incorrectly. He didn’t have a personal trainer to correct him because the price is just not feasible for a recent college graduate. They discussed ways to mitigate the need for personal trainers and the high cost associated with them.

LiftForce is an analytical system that assists in teaching the correct form while lifting to help prevent injury. The system will analyze form and provide real-time responsive feedback on a monitor mounted to a squat rack. An accompanying mobile app will store and track users' progress. The app will provide additional benefits in the future including personal trainer interfaces. Through the customer discovery process, they have spoken with over 150 gyms in the northeast region.


The LiftForce team has been through High Tech Rochester's Lean Launchpad and RIT Saunder's Summer Startup program held by the Simone Center. They also placed in the RIT Business Model Competition, and were the grand winners of RIT Simone Center's Tiger Tank competition in Fall 2015, winning $2,000 for first place along with a full ride to a Saunder's graduate program. This has given them the opportunity to develop their alpha prototype and test it in the RIT gym. They have received great response to the product and are currently working towards a fully functioning beta prototype to install in gyms. LiftForce is always looking for new talent in software and hardware development to continue improvement and grow the company. So if you are interested in joining the team, make sure to check out their website at

Congratulations to LiftForce! Looking forward to watching you continue to work hard and make a difference!

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