October 10, 2016

MySpiderweb is a social media management service. It helps you manage your social media quickly so you can get back to running your business! The service provides an outstanding solution at a very attractive price. If you know how to use Facebook, you already know how to use mySpiderweb.

The idea was formed in 2013 by Josiah Peterham and Alec Satterly when they realized that social media was becoming such a huge part of society. They wanted to create a way for people to easily organize and manage all of their social media accounts. Josiah then decided to utilize the resources of the Simone Innovation Center at RIT to help further his business ideas and concepts. His team participated in the applied entrepreneurship class through the center, and worked closely with mentors to learn how to grow these ideas. 

In 2014, mySpiderweb impressively made it to the second round of the New York State Business Plan Competition! After talking with numerous potential users, Josiah determined that the average individual wouldn't pay for his services, but businesses would. He decided to pivot the startup to focus on targeting companies who would pay for social media management. After hiring some developers to help with the back end of the company, mySpiderweb received funding through an NSF I-Corp grant to continue working with mentors and really get the project up and running. 


After making it to the second round again in the New York State Business Plan Competition, Josiah and his team participated in an intensive ten week Saunder's Summer Startup Program in 2015. This program is also held by the Simone Center and gives teams like mySpiderweb the opportunity to work closely with mentors, provides funding for business trips, customer discovery, and also prototyping. At the end of the program, all of the teams pitch to potential investors and are provided feedback about their company and presentation. 


At the end of the program, mySpiderweb launched a private beta and continued to add new features based on customer needs. Just this fall, mySpiderweb launched their web application to the public and launched their public beta of the Android app. They are about to launch their public beta of the iOS app soon! Check out their website at

Congratulations Josiah and the mySpiderweb team! We can't wait to see all of the success you will have in the future!

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