Team 3: New Inviting and Efficient Lobby

Problem: The lobby of Evelyn Brandon Health Center serves multiple departments including Mental Health services, Chemical Dependency evaluation, CD services, administration, and the PROS program. The lobby is very large but inefficiently utilized due to its poor layout. It does not:

  1. provide a safe and comfortable waiting area for clientele,
  2. give security a direct view (via monitor displays) of incoming and outgoing individuals to the building, and the current location of the check-in station blocks one of the entry points to the MH offices when someone checks in.

Design an inviting and efficient lobby that is easy to access and that addresses security needs with no interruption to typical traffic.

​Organization: Rochester Regional Health System

Sponsor and Coach: Pauline Stahlbrodt and Kim Sherman

Students: Deepti Chintalapudi (Industrial and Systems Engineering), Mark Brown(Industrial and Systems Engineering), Lizzie Dzivulsky (Interior Design), Sydney Quinlan(Industrial Design), Siobhain Page(Interior Design)