July 1, 2017

Chase Poirier and Madison Yocum have always dreamed of starting a company. In their second year as New Media Design students at Rochester Institute of Technology, they decided to chase this dream and make it into a reality. This pursuit came in the form of Ripple, a unique knowledge sharing platform that helps kick start the process of learning something new by connecting people within a local community to mentor each other and get paid in the process.


The first step for Chase and Madison was to join the Applied Entrepreneurship course through the Simone Center. This is where they credit their introduction to the core concepts such as the business model canvas, pitching and customer discovery. These concepts and many others were used to create the foundation that will be built upon as Ripple continues the dream of successfully starting a company.

Ripple is currently one of 10 teams participating in the 2017 Saunders Summer Startup program. This is an intensive and highly competitive program designed to accelerate teams with high potential over a 10-week course.

We hope to see good things from Ripple in the future!

Stay tuned for next week's Innovation Spotlight Story on ROC Urban Farms and Pacha Charque.