ROC Urban Farms

ROC Urban Farms

August 1, 2017

Prasham Shah is a 4th year Management Information Systems major, minoring in Entrepreneurship. He is keen on learning new things and believes in exercising the physical, mental and spiritual side of your body. Prasham has been working closely with Theodras Woldeyohannes, a 4th year Environmental Science BS/MS student, to create ROC Urban Farms.

This startup idea aims to revitalize abandoned buildings in the city of Rochester to vertically grow fresh, high quality, organic produce indoor at a consistent price year round to fulfill local demand. They aim to revolutionize the way people grow and eat food, while also efficiently using limited land and space in the local community. ROC Urban Farms wants to cut down the time and cost for produce to reach customers and focus on quality, sustainability and health. They believe that high quality food should not be a privilege because everyone deserves access to these types of products.

ROC Urban Farms just finished up earning course credit through the Simone Center’s Applied Entrepreneurship class, continues to utilize our coaching and mentoring network, and also has earned space in our Student Innovation Co-Work Lab this summer.

We are looking forward to seeing the progress ROC Urban Farms makes this semester!

Stay tuned for next week's Innovation Spotlight Story.