Saunders Summer Startup Program Teams 2016


ANOVA is developing a speech to text process for the deaf and hard of hearing population to be able to better engage with the hearing community. Using a microphone and portable device ANOVA converts words into text for faster translation in virtually any situation.


AWARE targets the billion dollar issue of drowsy driving within the trucking industry. Using non-invasive facial recognition software to detect and alert drivers of fatigue in real time AWARE is making the roads safer for everyone.


BeScene takes advantage of the online video streaming popularity by offering a web application to reduce marketing costs while offering a more direct yet subtle method of marketing for companies and streamers. BeScene instantly connects viewers to the products they see and want in their favorite videos.

Flux Keyboards

Flux is developing a keyboard for modern musicians to help solve problems with portability, paying for unwanted features and reduce the very expensive cost to replace or repair a keyboard. With their modular key and function system users have the power to choose and arrange the features they desire while reducing the costs associated with repairs. Flux also has the ability to fit into a backpack making it a more portable, customizable and affordable option for musicians compared to traditional keyboards.

Form Eyeware

Form Eyeware is targeting fashion conscious millennials and offers a faster and more customized approach to traditional glasses shopping. Their technology will allow users to design glasses in any shape and size while offering a truly custom fit based on each individual’s unique facial dimensions. With seemingly endless possibilities, Form is giving their customers the chance to stand out from the crowd and truly express themselves.

Muscle Dispenser

Muscle Dispenser provides a protein shake vending machine for the avid gym enthusiast or even the casual gym goer. The machines will be located in the gyms so that customers will get their protein shakes when they need it most, right after their workouts. Muscle Dispenser lets every user choose their own custom flavors and protein requirements for the ultimate personalized shakes without the hassle of bringing their own.


Otto is working on a fun and engaging musical toy to help teach children with developmental disabilities basic concepts such as cause and effect. By connecting to a mobile application Otto will be programmable to fit individual preferences, abilities and learning objectives that will allow for autonomous teaching, learning and play. 

Sim Health

Sim Health is creating an app to assist therapists with their patient treatment of substance abuse and violence between and during sessions. The patient will engage in interactive games that have been proven to help with treatment efficiency and patient compliance. Through Sim Health, the therapist will be able to better manage heavy case loads, track compliance and reduce relapse frequency.


Thermapparel is integrating modern phase change cooling technology into discrete and flexible garments for Multiple Sclerosis patients. With a wide range of both cooling strengths and garment options, Thermapparel enables MS patients to remain active even on the hottest days.


ThunderPro is the new Uber for fitness. Simply put, ThunderPro is an app that connects lifters with trainers for a fraction of the price. Trainers who want more clients will be able to advertise their specialties, location and other information, and individuals can choose which trainer best fits their needs. ThunderPro is the vehicle to help you reach your fitness goals.


Ugyo is developing a remote for the visually impaired and deaf or hard of hearing communities. The remote can sense when a person is speaking and notifies the user through visual or vibration cues which direction to look. Using Ugyo will help users to become more aware and engaged in large group discussions and settings.