Saunders Summer Startup Program Teams 2014


"Unlike other learning platforms that bring analog material to iPad screens, Binder allows teachers to create a digital book filled with items such as tests and handouts along with easy to create interactive material; including games, video and in class questions to integrate with their lessons."


At UEstate, we believe the simple idea that will change everything is allowing the average American the opportunity to sell a house using his own social network from his own computer. Commission will allow the owner to put their house up for sale with a commission percentage of their choosing. If the owner selects commission, the house will then be posted to an area of the website only accessible to our "pseudo-realtors".

ThermoCheck Company

Our invention, ThermoCheck, is a smart fraud detection label that will physically indicate whether or not retail-clothing items have been worn and used for a given length of time. Our goal is to make this a simple point of sales application with a very low profile so that it discreetly gives retailers another line of defense against retail fraud. We understand and appreciate the fact that retailers work hard to establish the customer experience and relationship. Our product is designed not to interfere with this vital relationship.

Empire Design Labs

Our company seeks to create an intercollegiate league for electronic sports (video games) similar to the NCAA. Our company is responsible for facilitating leagues and tournaments for electronic sports in a collegiate environment. This would include recruiting college endorsements, marketing the league, facilitating sponsorships, running tournaments and leagues, and negotiating deals with game developers. These leagues come in the format of a college endorsed premier league, an open league available to anyone in the country, and weekend tournaments also open to everyone.


The basic idea is to allow friends and families to easily create collaborative, memorable, and creative videos no matter where they are located on the planet. Unlike vine and Instagram which are both location "centric" app, the aim of our app is to be both user and location agnostic thus allowing users to interact and collaborate with each other from virtually anywhere.

Mobile Centrifuge