Strong Arm Tech

Strong Arm Tech

November 28, 2016

Partners Sean Petterson and Justin Hillery originally developed Strong Arm with the idea of helping to support posture for heavy lifting. The product was initially created as a vest with an ErgoSkeleton designed to support and restrict movement of the torso to allow users to lift heavier weights with less risk for injury.  As a past participant of both the Summer Startup and the Applied Entrepreneurship courses through the Simone Center at RIT, Strong Arm has been diligently working on developing and commercializing their product. They have competed in and won numerous awards and competitions all across the United States, including the Rochester and New York State Business Plan Competitions for their innovative product.  


Today, Strong Arm Technologies has continued to make huge leaps forward since leaving RIT's entrepreneurship program. With different products for the initial industrial setting and now medical applications as well, Strong Arm has made a name for themselves.  In fact, just this past May, 3M publicly announced that Strong Arm ErgoSkeleton equipment will be available through their distribution channels in the United States.  

Congratulations to Strong Arm Technologies! The Simone Center is looking forward to seeing all of your future accomplishments!

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