Tiger Tank Archive

Fall 2016 - Tiger Tank Competition Winners

First Place - Friendly U by Henry Saniuk and Darrin Loeliger

Second Place - HiBeams by Leondro McHenry and James Kemper

Third Place - Fresh Lock by Alana Bichutsky

Fourth Place - GAIA by Brent Chase

Fifth Place - Shift by Lauren Samar, Camile Johnson, Cammie Johanning, Casey Birch, Matthew Perrello and Doug Smith



Spring 2016 - Tiger Tank Competition Winners 

First Place - Aware by Zachary Moxley, Emmanuel Dodoo, Amanda Murray, Teryn Rynone and Clairborne Grosshans

Second Place - Band Toy by Mariana Pinheiro, Andrew Magee and Lara Goulart

Third Place - Chemistry for a Cause by Ryan Le Toureau and Jacky Lim

Fourth Place - Intelli-Thread by Jack DeYaeger

Fifth Place - WoW Energy Systems by Dmitry Liapitch