Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the new website for the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  It is designed to introduce you to the various Innovation and Entrepreneurship offerings and events available to the RIT community. The Simone Center was created to assist students with experiential learning associated with innovation and entrepreneurship.  More specifically, we help students learn as they advance and realize their own ideas and projects.

The Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Center for Student Innovation merged to become a new single organization:  the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  This new organization will continue to provide students with extraordinary multidisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurial training and assistance.  

Listed below are some of the resources, activities, and courses provided through or in partnership with the Simone Center.

  • Innovation and Commercialization Coaches:   The Simone Center has faculty and industry coaches on staff throughout the week.  These coaches can help you shape and structure your innovation or business projects, provide commercialization advice, assist you in locating team mates, etc.
  • Resources Locator:   The Simone Center staff can help you locate facilities, expertise, and activities throughout the RIT community to assist your innovation efforts.  For example, did you know that RIT possesses three prototyping labs?
  • Access to Funding:  RIT offers a number of cash awards for early stage innovation projects to a limited number of students for outstanding innovative ideas. Some of this funding is available through such programs as the Saunders College SharkTank and business plan competition.   The Simone Center also provides on a limited and competitive basis $1,000 student innovation challenge grants.  In the past few years, the Center has also helped students submit applications to national grants that have resulted in significant outside funding for our student teams. 
  • Workspace: The Simone Center includes a number of useful workspaces. The Student Innovation Hall (formerly the Center for Student Innovation) is available for meetings, events, and light fabrication activities. The Entrepreneurship Center Office and Prototyping Lab are available to student business startups and product assembly respectively.
  • Various Workshops:  The Simone Center offers and sponsors various workshops related to such topics as generating ideas (the RIT IdeaLab), opportunity shaping, funding businesses (monthly venture capital consultations), managing innovation teams, Intellectual Property development, etc.
  • Applied Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course (102-545). This course is offered by the Saunders College of Business and is focused towards student teams who wish to advance a business or social venture concept.  Teams typically advance both a business case and prototype product/service development.   Students accepted into the course enter the RIT Student Incubator.  For more information, contact Rich Notargiacomo (rcnbbu@rit.edu).
  • Innovation Capstone Course (3097-511 or 512).  This course is offered through the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies and is focused towards individuals and teams wishing to advance an innovation or develop an innovative product.   For more information, contact Professor Carl Lundgren (calite@rit.edu)
  • Innovation and Invention Course (4080-555/4085-855).  This integrated Grad/Undergrad course is open to adventurous students from any discipline.  Every quarter, the class takes on a new innovation project and learns to collaborate and communicate across disciplines by doing something no one (including the professor) knows how to do.  For more information, contact Professor Carl Lundgren (calite@rit.edu) or Professor Jon Schull (jschull@gmail.com)
  • Coop Credit.   With the permission and support of a student’s home department, the Simone Center can supervise students wishing to gain coop credit for working on their business or innovation project full-time.   These activities require close interactions among students, their home department advisors, and a Simone Center coach.   Approvals come from the home department/college.

We are here to help students in all stages of their innovation projects.  Stop into the Student Innovation Hall (USC – 1600) to find out how we can help you.


Richard DeMartino, Ph.D.

Endowed Chair and Director, Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship