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Limited Submissions

Approval for Limited Submissions

Sponsors of all types are increasingly limiting the number of submissions an organization may make to any given program.  This helps the sponsor manage workflow, but places an additional responsibility on the submitting organization.  The articles below describe processes for the internal review and approval of certain limited submission programs in which RIT participates.  For programs not described below, please use the Intent to Submit Form.

NSF Quantum & Information Science Faculty Fellows

Synopsis.  The QCIS-Faculty Fellows (QCIS-FF) program aims to grow academic research capacity in the computing and information science fields to support advances in quantum computing and/or communication over the long term. QCIS-FF seeks to support departments and schools in U.S. institutions of higher education that conduct research and teaching in computer science, information science, and/or computer engineering, with the specific goal of encouraging hiring of tenure-track and tenured faculty in quantum computing and/or communication.

NYSTAR Technology Transfer Incentive Program

Synopsis.  The Technology Transfer Incentive Program accelerates the commercialization of technology developed or enhanced at an institution of higher education or not-for-profit research institution by providing short-term, interim State assistance to the Applicant Institution working in collaboration with a New York Company Partner to commercialize intellectual property or research from the Applicant Institution to market.

NYSTAR Faculty Development Program

Synopsis.  The Faculty Development Program provides interim State assistance to either attract distinguished faculty from throughout the world to New York’s academic institutions of higher education; or retain leading researchers already working in academic institutions of higher education in New York.  The full text of the RFP, which includes the Technology Transfer Incentive Program, is available at

NSF Partnerships for Innovation - Research Partnerships

Synopsis.  The Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) Program funds technology translation and development based on prior NSF-funded research projects from all science and engineering disciplines supported by NSF. PFI contains two separate tracks for submission: PFI-Technology Translation (PFI-TT) and PFI-Research Partnerships (PFI-RP).  The PFI-RP track requires the creation and implementation of new multidisciplinary, multi-organization partnerships between academia, industry and other public and private entities to pursue new innovative technology development projects.


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