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Awards Management

Once you hear from the sponsor that you have received approval for your project, contact the Post Award Representative for your area. You will work together to set up a project file, to communicate with Sponsored Programs Accounting to set up the account(s), and to review what reports and other deliverables you will need to develop during the course of your project. For new projects, SRS will arrange a Project Initiation Meeting.

Another aspect of managing a grant is following the procedures as required in the Oversight Policy for Externally Sponsored Projects . The Oversight Committee sees to the administration of the policy, including public disclosure of externally funded projects under purview of the Committee.

As a Principal Investigator, you will be responsible for many new duties, including the filing of a Notice of Award, both when the project is new and a revision when subsequent changes occur (i.e., new staff or students, adjusted dollar amounts, new Statement of Work). Read the following sections that explain in part your new responsibilities. Contact SRS any time you have a question.