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Reports to Sponsors

Technical Reports

Technical reporting is the responsibility of the principal investigator. Reporting requirements will be sponsor/project specific. Both the frequency and format will be discussed at the Project Initiation Meeting (PIM). Sponsored Research Services will assist the principal investigator in complying with these requirements. Reminder notices will be sent to the principal investigator 30 days prior to the due date of a report.

Financial Reports

Financial reporting is the responsibility of Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA). There are times when the sponsor may require submission of the financial reports along with the technical reports. When this occurs, coordination of their submission will be discussed at the PIM.

Time Extension and Continuation

No-Cost Time Extension

When conducting a project for a sponsor it may become necessary to request additional time to complete the project. If this situation occurs, please contact Kate Clark (x57984) to begin the process of requesting the extension. With a no-cost time extension additional time is granted but no additional money. The principal investigator will need to provide a rationale for the request and the length of time necessary to complete the project. SRS will then formally request a time extension for the project. Until formal approval is received from the sponsor, the project end-date will not be revised.


If you would like to propose a continuation of a current project contact Kate Clark to begin the process. For a continuation, additional time and money will be requested from the sponsor. Most cases will require the submission of a new proposal.