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A subcontractor is normally defined as a third party contracted to conduct a significant portion of the scope of work or research plan included in the research proposal. As such, use of a subcontractor is normally included in the funded proposal and is essential to the completion of the work. Therefore, a subcontract almost always requires prior sponsor approval.

A subcontract document is generated by SRS, including a scope of work and budget. The subcontract will include appropriate flow-down terms and conditions of the prime grant or contract. When the subcontractor has agreed to the terms and conditions (by returning a fully executed document), the subcontractor can invoice the University for incurred expenses. Subcontractor invoices should be sent directly to the Principal Investigator for approval. It is the Principal Investigator's responsibility to monitor the activities of the subcontractor, to verify invoices submitted for payment, and to inform SRS if significant changes are contemplated affecting the agreed-upon arrangement.

If you will need to issue a subcontract under a grant or contract, please contact your SRS Post Award Representative.