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FY18 Long Range Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology

Office of Naval Research (ONR) has released its new BAA.  A brief description of the ONR Program Codes and the science and technology thrusts that ONR is pursuing is provided in Appendix 1 of this solicitation.

Additional information can be found at the ONR website at Potential offerors are urged to check the program areas that they are interested in throughout the year for updates to thrust areas and research priorities on the ONR website at

Prior to preparing proposals, potential offerors are strongly encouraged to contact the ONR point of contact (POC). To identify the POC, follow the link at the ONR website for the appropriate code or division and then click on the link to the thrust or topic area. Each thrust or topic area will provide a POC or e-mail address.

Please work with your SRS pre-award contact as early as possible to develop white papers and proposals. 

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