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Processing a Proposal at RIT

When you are ready to submit your proposal to a sponsor, you should discuss submission procedures with the SRS Senior Research Administrator (SRA) assigned to your college or unit.  The SRA will help you finalize the budget, will review all internal and external (funding agency) forms, will obtain the final RIT authorizing signatures, and will submit the proposal for you.

Before submitting a proposal to a sponsor, an internal review of the proposal must take place. You should allow sufficient time for review of your proposal and to obtain internal signatures.  The procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete the RIT Proposal Review Form
  2. Obtain the appropriate signatures:
    • Principal Investigator
    • Co-principal Investigator(s)
    • Senior Personnel
    • Dean(s), Department head(s), and/or director(s)
  3. Submit proposal with the Proposal Review Form to SRS.
  4. SRS reviews proposal for accuracy and compliance with institute and sponsor guidelines.
  5. SRS obtains the following signatures:
    • Provost, or other authorizing official
    • Associate Provost for Outreach if proposal is designated First-In-Class
  6. SRS submits the proposal electronically or photocopies and mails the proposal (in rare cases SRS may advise Principal Investigator to submit electronically).
    • The proposal guidelines from the funding agency will specify how and where the proposal is to be submitted. While most agencies now require or encourage electronic submission of proposals, some still require that proposals be submitted in paper format. The SRA for your college or unit will work with you to assure that your proposal is submitted correctly, and in a timely fashion.

Certain programs have a two-step proposal process, with a five to ten page letter of intent, white paper, or pre-proposal required for initial screening before a full proposal can be submitted. If this is a requirement, please have the pre-proposal reviewed under the Proposal Review Form. This is reviewed and signed by the PI, Co-PIs, Department Head and Dean. Your SRA will work with you to develop an initial budget as necessary.

LImited Submissions

Sponsors of all types are increasingly limiting the number of submissions an organization may make to any given program.  This helps the sponsor manage workflow, but places an additional responsibility on the submitting organization. Failure to comply with a limited submission requirement could cause all proposals from RIT to be ineligible or returned without review. The Limited Submissions Calendar describes processes for the internal review and approval of selected limited submission programs.  For other opportunities not listed on that calendar, please use the Intent to Submit Form provided on this page: Please notify SRS of your intent to submit at least 30 days prior to sponsor deadline. 

In the event that there is limited interest in a specific opportunity, and the internal deadline has passed, applications will be processed in order of receipt until the maximum number of proposals have been accepted for submission. 

If cost sharing is required, monies and in-kind support must be obtained before your proposal is submitted. Any commitment from the Institute or College over $10,000 requires a meeting with the Provost and/or Dean. Requests for Institute cost sharing must be accompanied by the Request for Institute Cost Sharing Form.