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Selection Criteria

If RIT is to “sponsor” an Applicant, the Applicant must meet the following criteria:

Core Mission – Applicant must “align with or further the academic mission” of RIT.

Eligible Business – Applicant must not be any of the business types that are prohibited by the State from being in a START-UP NY program.

Liabilities – Applicant must not owe taxes or be in violation on any “worker protection and environmental laws and regulations”.

Business Category – Applicant must prove its eligibility for one of the four State-defined business categories that are eligible for START-UP NY, as listed in Step #1.

Job Creation – Applicant must be willing to commit to specific job creation upon applying for START-UP NY, with milestones for achieving new jobs identified.   Number of new jobs and timing for achieving them will be a factor in selecting companies for RIT’s designated START-UP facilities.

Competitors – Applicant must have no competitors in the community in which it will be located.

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