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Academic Mission

RIT’s mission is to provide a broad range of career-oriented educational programs with the goal of producing innovative, creative graduates who are well-prepared for their chosen careers in a global society.   RIT’s cooperative education program, which requires career-related on-the-job experience as part of our degree programs, provides the university, and its students and graduates, with unique and extensive corporate partnerships.   RIT has ongoing partnerships with nearly 2,000 companies across the country that employ our co-op students and graduates; each year 3,500 RIT students engage in cooperative education, more than 40 percent of these experiences are with companies in the greater Rochester region.   In a typical year, one-third to one-half of greater Rochester’s top 100 privately-held firms are employer partners of RIT.

The RIT community engages and motivates students through stimulating and collaborative experiences. We rigorously pursue new and emerging career areas. We develop and deliver curricula and advance scholarship and research relevant to emerging technologies and social conditions.

Our community is committed to diversity and student centeredness and is distinguished by our innovative and collaborative spirit. Internal and external partnerships expand our students’ experiential learning.

RIT is committed to mutually enriching relationships with alumni, government, business, and the world community. Teaching, learning, scholarship, research, innovation, and leadership development for promoting student success are our central enterprises.

Assessing Business Alignment with Mission

In addition to seeking businesses that complement our core strengths, RIT will partner with businesses that will reside in our tax-free zones that can assist RIT and our region in attaining these goals:

  • Advance the commercialization of New York State home-grown ideas and innovation;
  • Re-connect out-of-state alumni with their alma mater and the Rochester region such that they will grow and/or expand their existing companies in New York;
  • Recruit anchor tenants that will hire RIT co-op students and graduates, and incentivize RIT-related and other Rochester-based entrepreneurs to stay in the Rochester region.
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