Submitting a Job with sinteractive

sinteractive allows a user to submit a job that can be interacted with while running.

Accessing the terminal

  1. ssh into using your preferred ssh client(such as PuTTY)
  2. login with your username and password.

Using sinteractive

In your terminal:

  1. $ sinteractive
  2. You will be prompted with several questions about your job(Account name, memory required, time required), answer them to submit your job.
  3. Your job will be submitted and you should be granted an interactive batch session
    1. If you receive an error regarding an inability to display, you need to enable x11 forwarding, or follow the next set of commands

Using xTerm in fastX

If you do not have x11 forwarding, xterm provides it built in for you.

  1. MobaXterm can be downloaded for free here
  2. Download and run moba xterm, and start a local terminal
  3. ssh into sporcsubmit
  4. Follow the commands from the Using sinteractive section 
  5. Your interactive batch session should be working now. You will know because your host name will change from [abc2134@sporcsubmit ~]$ to [abc1234@skl-a-47 ~]$.

Leaving sinteractive

When you are done with your sinteractive session make sure to exit to free up those resources! Simply type exit or logout into the terminal; you will see the host name go back to [abc1234@sporcsubmit ~]$.

sinteractive Troubleshooting

Below are some potential error messages you may see while running or attempting to use sinteractive, and what needs to be done to work around them.


If there are any other issues when attempting to submit an interactive job, please contact for assistance.