Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Agent of Change?

BlogPost3v4As we designed and developed the academic framework and curriculum for RIT Online, we had one over-arching objective in mind: it should strive to empower our students with the success factors that have enabled so many of our graduates to become leaders in their respective careers. Which led us to ask: what is the core attribute or personal quality that these individuals share?

To answer that, we took a look at their career paths. Which led us to conclude that the single-most important gene that’s present in the DNA of every one of them is the desire to be at the center of disruptive change. In other words, these RIT graduates are Agents of Change.

What kind of person is an Agent of Change? Well, for starters, they are distinctly different from the pack — perhaps because they’ve honed leadership and teamwork skills as part of their RIT education. Talking of which — if there’s one belief they all share, it’s the value of ongoing education and an innate craving to keep learning.

But as Agents of Change, they have some other unifying characteristics:

  • True change agents see a future no one else sees. This vision won’t let them rest.
  • They rise through the ranks because they see around corners before others do.
  • They are recognized for what they are: serial visionaries.
  • They have the courage to bet their careers on their ideas.
  • They are willing to take bold action and accept the consequences.
  • They know that leading change can—and, most likely, will—be messy.
  • They make difficult decisions swiftly by trusting their intuition.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, leadership. Change agents have something about them that galvanizes teams and inspires team members to challenge themselves.

So… who are these people? What do their career paths look like? Starting today, we’re going to find out — by featuring profiles of some influential RIT graduates who went on to become Agents of Change. These individuals have been catalysts of disruption in a wide variety of industries that include high technology, broadcast, Hollywood, commercial/industrial, and telecommunications.

The first two Change Agents are Kevin Surace , CEO of Appvance, and Sean Bratches, EVP Sales & Marketing at ESPN. We hope you find their stories as inspirational as we do!

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